I got home early enough last night to see the progress on the framing in actual daylight.  Things are looking good.  I know there are a few complicated areas to deal with in the addition, but David and Andy are pretty good at what they do.  I appreciate very much that they look to do things right as opposed to short cutting things.  One of my retired neighbors stops by at least every other day to comment on the progress and without fail he usually ends his comments with “You hired the right guys”.  I would tend to agree.

Thanks for hard work this week.

Alexandria Client

Mason Ave


And now that we’re just about at the end of this process, let me say what a pleasure it’s been to work with the entire Constructive team.  This cuts across the work that you did, Valentine and his team, and Carl during this “clean up” work; and runs from the quality of work in general to the responsiveness in resolving issues we raised during this process to simply showing up on time every day.

We know so many people who have horror stories coming out of a home renovation project – and we feel we certainly made the right decision going with Constructive because we only have good things to say.  When we had our fence put in a week ago, we were comparing Constructive to that contractor and we know you guys are way better.  We were totally spoiled by your good work.  


Alexandria client

Westview Terrace
Alexandria, WA


David – thank you so much for your note – the porch looks great!  Everything was wonderful and we had great weather for the wedding – your team rocks!

Enjoy this great weather!

Alexandria client

Russell Rd.
Alexandria, VA

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